Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Book Blogs

First off, credit where it’s due. Top Ten Tuesday isn’t my idea by a long shot–it’s hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and you can check out the rules and participating blogs there.


This Tuesday’s prompt is favorite book blogs. Kind of fitting that this be my first Top Ten post, really. An (extremely brief) bit of backstory: I had extremely reclusive parents, and as a result I grew up very close-mouthed. I don’t talk about myself, and I don’t talk much about my likes and dislikes, even to close friends. It’s a habit I’m trying to break.

So: book bloggers, here’s your shout-out. Love ya. Oh–and I won’t be numbering them because that implies some sort of hierarchy.

Books in Blankets – A really recent find. And actually, it was through them I discovered TTT.

Angel Erin’s Book Obsession – She really liked Strange the Dreamer, which is the highest mark of approval I can give someone. Also she has an awesome book of poetry out (it’s sitting on my shelves, still waiting to be read–eek! Sorry Erin). – She writes amazing flash fiction, and it occurs to me that I should comment on her posts and tell her so.

By Rite of Word – Really solid SFF book reviews. I’ve based a couple of purchasing decisions on input from them, because I trust their taste.

Hellow Yellow Room – Another recent discovery, but man oh man. If you are like me, and you cannot resist pairing music with mood and books, this is your jam–or it will be your jam. Just click the link already.

Honestly Austen – Great blog, with a GORGEOUS IG account to boot. One of the few people I know who appreciates the distinctions between the editions of a book.

It’s Good to Read – They review classics and Shakespeare as well as books by emerging authors. It’s a great mix. And I’m the kind of person who likes to read reviews of Tolkien.


…I realize that’s only seven. I do follow other blogs, but these are definitely my top picks. I’m also a person who is old and finds social media occasionally overwhelming, so if I’ve forgotten someone I do apologize.

Happy Tuesday!


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