Review: The Writer’s Tale – The Final Chapter

Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final ChapterDoctor Who: The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter by Russell T. Davies

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I only write to find out about myself, and I’ll only achieve that if I’m honest.”

I’d always admired Davies. I was a big Doctor Who fan; while I enjoyed Moffit’s tenure as show-runner, Davies will always be *my* writer (well…possibly him and Cartmel).

But to get an inside glimpse of Davies’ process…to have another writer, and a damn good one, talk about his struggles, his fears, his procrastinations–as well as his triumphs and successes…I just don’t think there’s another book on writing out there that’s nearly so reassuring, so validating, so RELIEVING as The Writer’s Tale.

I took months to read this. One month in, I found the courage to start putting some words of my own to paper. As I continue to write, I will probably continue to refer back to this book. It’s the most quotable, candid discussion about writing, with none of the pretension of a book about “how to write.”

If you’re a writer…read this. Not only will you find it, I think, tremendously reassuring, you’ll find it USEFUL. Davies has Ideas about Writing, and frankly, I think they’re all correct (or maybe I just like that a famous person happens to agree with me). This is such a wonderfully enriching read, that puts into words so many of the things we instinctually FEEL about writing, but can’t quite say…seriously, just pick it up. Nothing I can tell you will do it justice, so just trust me on this.

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