Don’t Kill Your Darlings–Just Put ’em Through the Wringer

I was reading a piece, recently, on emotional wounds in fictional characters: “Like in real life, characters suffer many different smaller wounds throughout their lives, but the ‘wounding event’ that factors into your character’s internal arc should be symbolic of the false belief they must reject in order to become whole once more.” I think … Continue reading Don’t Kill Your Darlings–Just Put ’em Through the Wringer

The Great Curator: Indie Bookstores

I recently read a great little piece [] about the value of independent bookstores. Admittedly they were talking about the market for such stores in Thailand, but there was a particular line in there (from Charun Hormtienthong, president of the Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand) that got me thinking: "The value of the independent … Continue reading The Great Curator: Indie Bookstores