Writing Prompt Wednesday – It Wasn’t Me

Writing Prompt Wednesday is a concept kindly borrowed from Honestly Austen. And, since I missed Music Monday, let’s just kinda combine these ideas, shall we?




“It wasn’t me.”

“Oh my fucking god.” She glared. “I saw you.” Her lips twisted and she looked away. “All of you.”

Ty put his hands to his head, dug the heels of his hands into his eyes. He was tense and tired and this wasn’t making sense.

“I just got back,” he said. “Like…you say me pull in, five minutes ago.”

“I know what I saw.” She grabbed another handful of clothes and flung them into the duffel bag. “…you could’ve saved us both a lot of time if you’d…”

“What? If I’d what? Jesus Christ Sarah, how many ways do I have to tell you–”

She spun around–he ducked, just in time, and the pair of heels she’d flung at him hit the wall, the framed photos rattling.

“I’m not stupid.” She nearly hissed it. “I went to his house. The blinds were wide open, Ty. The whole neghborhood probably saw you sucking his dick.”

Ty froze. Up until now, he’d been more confused than anything. He’d been out of town, pulled back into the drive five minutes ago and come inside to find Sarah packing, then screaming, then throwing her shoes at him–because apparently she’d gone over to John’s house and seen him…them…together.

Through the front windows.

It was a mistake, obviously. He…sure, he…liked John, but he hadn’t breathed a word about that to anyone, because it was still kind of confusing, not something he was ready to deal with, except maybe late at night alone in the shower.

But she was so sure. It had to be someone else–it sure as hell wasn’t him–but if Sarah was convinced, then it must’ve been someone who looked a hell of a lot like him. Which meant that yes, others might’ve seen the same thing.

And drawn the same conclusion.

He was still putting that together when he heard the front door slam. She’d left, he realized, probably called one of her friends to pick her up. Too late he ran outside and saw–yeah, that was Georgette’s car, pulling up the street around the corner.


After he pulled himself together, he walked over to John’s place. There’d be people talking, probably–that was a hell of a scene outside the house just now. He’d rather John had a little warning.

And frankly, he wouldn’t mind knowing who it was Sarah did see through the windows, because he couldn’t deny he was feeling oddly…


But then he knocked on the door, which swung open, and he felt his jaw fall open as he realized Sarah was right.

“Hey.” Ty’s perfect double stood in the doorway, shirt a little mussed, jeans a little too tight. “Uh…wow. This is awkward, huh?”

Lyrics: “It wasn’t me” from the song of the same title by Shaggy. Because LOL.

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