Music Monday – I’m A Wanted Man

Music Monday gets around, but I got the idea from Lauren over at Always Me 🙂

I tend to listen to a list of about 50 songs, that slowly (very slowly) rotates over the course of months, and sometimes if I let it run, Spotify’s algorithm will throw out something new. This is where I got this Monday’s find.

I’ve also been on a rather extensive Samurai Champloo kick, which might be why this song reminded me of Mugen.

3 thoughts on “Music Monday – I’m A Wanted Man

  1. tornpagesandroses says:

    Goodness, I don’t think I’ve listened to music in a long time, but I have the same listening habit as yours! I have a set of songs that rotates pretty indefinitely haha, my brain loves to pair music with memories and feelings so re-listening is always a treat 😀


      • tornpagesandroses says:

        I only have one for re-listening unfortunately, not re-reading or re-watching. If it gets long enough though I can haha no, I haven’t tried doing that, maybe I will though! I kind of just include it with my current playlist 🙂 it’s probably also because I don’t know very many songs.


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